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Standards based

It's all about the student. They get to follow their own interests, and we provide a four-step process that builds self-directed learning skills while incorporating standards-aligned elements from all the core content areas, like math, science, social studies, and language arts.

All inclusive

In addition to giving you all the knowledge needed to guide your student's curiosity at home, you also get tons of resources, including custom-designed graphic organizers and templates, standards-aligned parent scripts and questions, and video tutorials for students that can be watched as often as needed. (Coffee not included.)


Our program is ideal for students between 5th and 10th grade, though the concepts can be used by older and younger students with proper support. The framework we provide can be used and re-used as often as desired. Since the student chooses the topic, they can work on as many projects as they want.

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The Curiosity Blueprint: The SLAM Framework

Everything you need to support self-directed learning at home!

We believe curiosity should be accessible to all!

We offer scholarships up to 95 percent off our advertised price. See our FAQ page for more information.